DEADLINE: July 13, 2018

Absolutely no entries fees!

Entrants will be notified by: September 07, 2018

DOWNLOAD the festival entry form, complete it (on your computer or by hand) and mail it with your entry.

See the REGULATIONS (aussi en français, español, 日本語) and FAQ (English only) below for more information.


EN: Entrants may submit an unlimited number of works on compilations or separate DVDs, flash drives or memory keys. Complete an entry form for each title submitted. It is not necessary to include still photos with entries. Receipt of entries will not be acknowledged. Preview materials will not be returned. Do not use UPS, use airmail or another courier. Work selected to Media City receives an exhibition fee of CAD 100+. CAD 1750 cash available to award-winning work; all work selected to Media City is eligible for competition.

FR: Les concurrents peuvent soumettre un nombre illimité d’oeuvres ou de compilations sur des DVDs séparées. Compléter une fiche d’inscription pour chaque oeuvre soumise. Ce n’est pas obligatoire à envoyer des photos de votre film avec votre inscription. Nous n’envoyons pas d’accusé de réception. Les matériaux de sélection ne seront pas renvoyés. Ne pas utiliser UPS. Utiliser la poste aérienne ou un autre courier. Toute oeuvre choisie par Media City génère des honoraires de CAD 100+. Media City consacre une somme totale de CAD 1750,00 à des prix pour les oeuvres attribués. Toute oeuvre selectionée par Media City sera admissible por la compétition.

ES: Les concursantes pueden presentar un número ilimitado de trabajos en compilaciones o DVDs separadas. Llene una ficha de inscription para cada trabajo presentado. No es obligatorio que se incluyan fotografías con su propuesta. No se enviará notificación por haber recibido las propuestas. Las materiales de previsualización no se regresarán. No use UPS. Use FedEx, DHL o correo aéreo. Todos los trabajos seleccionados por Media City recibirán un honorario de exhibición de CAD 100+. Media City cuenta con un totla de CAD 1750 para otorgar a los trabajos premiados. Todos los trabajos seleccionados para Media City participan de la competencia.

日本語 : 作品の応募本数に制限はありません。複数応募の場合、一本に編集しても別個のDVDのままでも構いません。それぞれの作品毎に応募用紙を記入して下さい。(コピー可)スチルを添付することが望ましいですが、必須条件ではありません。送付頂いた作品に対しての受領のご返事はいたしません。応募されたDVDは返却いたしませんのでご了承ください。UPSでの送付は受け付けられません。FedExないしはDHL、EMS、航空便のいずれかでお送り下さい。入選作には全て上映料として100カナダド が支給されます。入賞作には賞金総額1,750カナダドルが贈られます。入選作はすべてコンクール出展の資格が与えられます。

1. I’m late! Can I have an extension?

Please try to send your entry before the postmark deadline. If you need an extension, contact us.

2. Can you help with the delivery cost of my entry?

We wish we could, but no.

3. I sent you an entry. Did you receive it?

The answer to this question is invariably “yes”. If you have serious concerns about postal disruptions due to strikes, natural disasters, etc., contact us.

4. My digital artwork is hosted on a website. Can I send you the url to watch it for preview? Or can I upload the file to your server?

No. We need a physical preview screener on a disc, DV tape or flash drive delivered to our office. Exceptions can be made in certain cases (e.g. natural disaster, mail interruption, etc). Please inquire by email. 

5. I have a 16mm or Super 8mm film but I don’t have a digital screener. Can I send you a print (or original) for preview?

Yes, but with some stipulations. Contact us.

6. My film/video is n style or about x. Do you show work of n or x ilk?

We don’t know until we see it. We suggest perusing the festival history for some idea of our programming. Media City is a festival for artist’s (“experimental” or “avant-garde”) film and video, so conventional dramas, documentaries, animations or music videos are likely not for us.

7. Can you show my double/multi-projection or other non-standardized film?

Yes. Media City can and has shown numerous multi-projections in most gauges or combinations thereof, films at all extant aspect ratios, we can project films at any fps, films shown with the projector turned sideways, looped films, 35mm films run through 16mm projectors, originals, films covered in paint, glue and salt, films with gels behind the lens, films with the projector’s registration pin disabled, etc. If your film has unusual projection requirements, please describe it in your support material.

8. Can you show my HD video or Blu-ray, or video in x media or codec or format or aspect ratio?

Probably. Media City can accommodate most digital media and formats, or we can work with you to determine an acceptable alternative. If your work is selected for exhibition, we will contact you to determine the preferred exhibition media. If the projection requirements of your video are especially unusual, describe it in your support material.

9. I (we) have an installation/ performance/ unclassifiable extra- or para-theatrical media opus. Can you present it?

Maybe. Media City presents this kind of work every year, but space, time and resources for such projects are limited. We recommend sending your proposal well in advance of the deadline, and including thorough information about the technical and venue requirements of your project.

10. My work contains appropriated footage or music that I have no permission to use. Do you care?

Copyright infringement is your best entertainment value.