Media City Film Festival’s 25th anniversary public Call for Entries is now closed. 

ENTRY DEADLINE: August 16, 2021
FESTIVAL DATES: February 8–March 1, 2022


Media City Film Festival entry process is now closed. The organization accepts feature-length and short moving image artworks at appointed times of the year. When MCFF’s call for entries reopens in 2022, guidelines and detailed instructions will be available as you navigate our online entry form. An additional FAQ is available below on MCFF’s website.

I’m late! Can I have an extension?

It’s best to send your entry before the deadline. If you need an extension, contact us. Because our form is online, we may not be able to accommodate your request. We suggest you make every effort to submit your film on time.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the pandemic, Media City Film Festival’s offices have been closed since March 2020. If you had submitted work to the festival before this date, we require you to re-submit online. This will ensure that staff and screening committee members have access to your entries remotely. Thank you for your patience with this process.

MCFF will be observing the advice of public health officials and will continue to follow all recommended safety measures. At this stage, the organization is planning to present its festival online. We reserve the right to determine the method through which we will present the coming edition. All artists will be informed of the decision to screen in-person or online in advance of public announcements.

  © Jack Smith Archive, Normal Love, 1965. Courtesy Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. My online entry form is indicating that it’s “incomplete,” is there something wrong? 

Please carefully read instructions on each page to ensure that you’ve completed the necessary fields. Incomplete fields will have a red box next to them. When you receive a notice on the final “Submission” page that your form is incomplete, the system will automatically highlight the incomplete section(s) in red.

If you are still having trouble, contact us:

2. I’ve submitted my entry form. Did you receive it?

The answer to this question is invariably “yes”. The form will generate an automatic confirmation email for both parties. If you have serious concerns, contact us.

3. I have a 16mm or Super 8mm film but I don’t have a digital screener. Can I send you a print (or original) for preview?

We’re very sorry, but not this year. We are accepting entries exclusively online.

4. My film/video is n style or about x. Do you show work of n or x ilk?

We don’t know until we see it. We suggest perusing the festival history for an idea of our programming. Media City is a festival for artist’s (“experimental” or “avant-garde”) film and video, so conventional dramas, animations, or music videos are likely not for us.

5. Can you show my double/multi-projection or other non-standardized film?

Normally yes. In 2021, we are currently planning an online edition. Having said this, normally MCFF can and will show numerous multi-projections in most gauges or combinations thereof, films at all extant aspect ratios, and can project films at any fps, films shown with the projector turned sideways, looped films, 35mm films run through 16mm projectors, originals, films covered in paint, glue and salt, bodily fluids, films with gels behind the lens, films with the projector’s registration pin disabled, etc.

If your film has unusual projection requirements, please describe it in your support material. Keep in mind that we will likely not be accommodating in-person presentations until 2022.

6. Can you show my HD video or Blu-ray, or video in x media or codec or format or aspect ratio?

We prefer to receive ProRes and DCP files for digital projection. If there are unusual requirements, please describe these in your support material.

7. I (we) have an installation/performance/unclassifiable extra- or para-theatrical media opus. Can you present it?

Maybe. Media City presents this kind of work every year but space, time, and resources for such projects are limited. We recommend sending your proposal well in advance of the deadline and including thorough information about the technical and venue requirements of your project.

Unless planned as an online event, most likely this work will not be possible to accommodate until 2022.

8. My work contains appropriated footage or music that I have no permission to use. Do you care?

Copyright infringement is your best entertainment value.

9. I’m late! Can I have an extension?

Please try to send your entry before the deadline. If you need an extension, contact us. Because our form is online this year, we may not be able to accommodate your request. We suggest you make every effort to submit your film on time.

© Kevin Jerome Everson, Grand Finale, 2014. Courtesy the artist and Picture Palace Pictures.