Media City Film Festival seeks partnerships with companies that care passionately about advancing the arts and engaging communities. In its 16-year history Media City has engaged many sponsors and partners who ensure that Media City puts the Windsor/Detroit area on the cultural world map.
The typical Media City audience member is aged 24-50, university educated, and prioritizes discretionary income for culture and entertainment, travel, tourism, and restaurant dining. Over 40% of the festival audience attends from outside the Windsor/Detroit region.

By sponsoring Media City Film Festival you will:

  • Target a new, engaged and diverse audience of all ages
  • Reflect a high visibility investment through various media, print and live forums
  • Increase brand loyalty and appreciation by supporting a worthy cause, ART!
  • Support arts, education and community on a local, national and international level

Sponsorship of Media City Film Festival can be tailored to your objectives and budget. Please feel free to contact us to explore a mutually beneficial partnership that addresses the vision and mandate of your organization or institution.

As a non-profit organization, Media City Film Festival would not exist without the unwavering community support of businesses, organizations and individuals like yourself.

Explore the link below for full sponsorship, support and catalogue advertising details.

Media City Film Festival 2011 Sponsorship Opportunities

For more information or to discuss a package tailored specifically to your needs contact us at +1 519 973 9368 or mediacity@houseoftoast.ca.

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