Station II (2021)

Michael Hubbard

Station II Michael Hubbard USAdigital 4 min 2021

Station II was filmed on Super 8 during a spontaneous exploration of Detroit’s Lincoln Street Art Park. Beginning with a single repeating shot of a fluorescent light, the film employs different methods of superimposition, juxtaposing 35mm still photographs of industrial architecture and the original Super 8 footage shot in Detroit. The soundtrack was produced using a Sony handheld microcassette recorder to capture field recordings of street construction throughout the city’s Midtown area. The process through which film and sound are recorded are integral to the final composition. – Michael Hubbard

Streaming Details

This film is available to stream globally.

Program Partners

This film is co-presented with the Art Gallery of Windsor and Windsor Endowment for the Arts.

Image credits: all artworks, stills, and portraits courtesy of the artist © Michael Hubbard.

about the artist

Michael Hubbard (USA) is a filmmaker and photographer born in Troy, Michigan in 1998. His playful and improvisational method of photographing the world emphasizes film as material, and the creation of abstractions of time and consciousness as a means to capture sanctity in the ever-fleeting moments of life. The basis for his analogue film practice was sparked when he discovered his grandfather’s 35mm camera, and remains the primary tool for all of his moving image artwork. Hubbard is currently pursuing a BFA in Film at the College for Creative Studies, where he is Assistant to the Chair of Film, Photography, and Interdisciplinary Art + Design. His moving image artworks, including Erscheinung (2021), Radiation Poisoning (2021), Lead Poisoning (2021), and Station II (2021), have been exhibited at festivals, galleries, and venues including the Taubman Center for Art and Design, CCS, Media City Film Festival, and Ann Arbor Film Festival, among others. He is the recipient of CCS and Michigan Competitive Scholarships (2021). His self-published photographic zine One Way was released in 2021. He lives and works in Detroit, Michigan.