Wayfinding (2021)

Christopher Bissonnette

Wayfinding Christopher Bissonnette Canada digital 7 min 2021

Wayfinding is a pictorial and auditory essay that operates as a companion piece to the artist’s full-length album of the same title, released on the New-York-based minimalist label 12k. The film and the album are studies that consider slow shifts and personal changes experienced by the artist over the past several years. The film focuses on isolation and a gradual reflective turn inward as it attempts to navigate interior domestic landscapes, acknowledging the complexity of the inner realm, whose small transformations and movements can be as profound as macroscale developments in the outside world. – Christopher Bissonnette 

Streaming Details

This film is available to stream globally.

Program Partners

This film is co-presented with the Art Gallery of Windsor and Windsor Endowment for the Arts.

Image credits: all artworks, stills, and portraits courtesy of the artist © Christopher Bissonnette.

about the artist

Christopher Bissonnette (Canada) is a multimedia graphic and sound artist born in Windsor, Ontario in 1973. His practice in video, audio art, and installation concentrates on the formal aspects of his chosen media with the aim of unearthing hidden meaning through the use of field recordings, electroacoustics, modular synthesis, and studio experiments in video and musique concrète. He received his BFA from the University of Windsor (1996). His moving images, visual artworks, and performances have been presented at festivals, museums, and galleries, including Mutek, Movement Electronic Music Festival, Human Resources Los Angeles, Thames Art Gallery, Constellation, Art Gallery of Windsor, Detroit Artists Market, Chapel Space, Artcite Inc., and Common Ground Art Gallery. He is co-founder of Thinkbox, a media art collective exploring technology’s relationship to gallery and commercial distribution networks. He has released four solo albums with the American record label Kranky, including Essays in Idleness (2014), In Between Words (2007), and Periphery (2005). His most recent release Wayfinding (2020) is available from 12k. He lives and works in Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan.

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