Ana Vaz’s Apiyemiyekî? screens at IFF Rotterdam as part of the 2020 Ammodo Tiger Competition.

MCFF Chrysalis Fellow, Ana Vaz’s new film Apiyemiyekî? will screen as part of the International Film Festival Rotterdam’s Ammodo Tiger Competition in January and February 2020. Apiyemiyekî? is sewn together from a series of drawings made by the Waimiri-Atroari, an autochthonous people native to the Brazilian Amazon, who were submitted to a number of violent attacks during the Military Dictatorship in Brazil. The film looks to reassemble a fragmented history through the evidence and means of these drawings painting an indigenous perspective of the culture of “civilized men”. A voyage from Brasília to the Amazon retracing a trajectory of colonial violence both past and present in a country at war against all alternative forms of life, vision and world-forms. Apiyemiyekî? sigh(t)s the past in order to breathe the present while recalling that “memory really is an engine for the future”.


The full program for the 2020 International Film Festival Rotterdam here. 

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