Henry Hills

Retrospective screening with the artist

“Henry Hills is a polymath, drawing in ideas from multiple disciplines… the avant-jazz and neo-art music of John Zorn, Elliott Sharp and Zeena Parkins, cut-up audio-workers like John Oswald and Christian Marclay, as well as the L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poets, all of whom share with Hills an obsession with micro-syntax, the isolation of discrete units as signifying elements from which to construct discontinuous tapestries, crazy-quilts of shape and gesture.” — Michael Sicinski


Henry Hills: Kino Da!

Format: 16mm
Duration: 3 min
Year: 1981

A portrait of North Beach Communist café poet and gentle comrade, Jack Hirschman. Shot in sync with wind-up Bolex.

Porter Springs 3

Format: 16mm
Duration: 7 min
Year: 1977

My most “painterly” work, basically one image: reflections of trees on the lake broken by a line of waterlilies, an hallucinatory love poem.

Goa Lawah

Format: 16mm
Duration: 5 min
Year: 1991

Goa Lawah is a sacred bat cave on the east coast of Bali.


Radio Adios

Format: 16mm
Duration: 11 min
Year: 1982

A monologue in twelve plaited strands; an extremely precise, condensed and intensely rhythmic Busby Berkeleyish spectacle of language over a fair range of vocal timbre.



Format: 16mm
Duration: 7 min
Year: 1988

Movement improvised on the streets of pregentrified East Village, synched to music improvised for the project by Tom Cora, Christian Marclay and Zeena Parkins. Beauty emerging from rubble.


Format: HD
Duration: 7 min
Year: 2001

The cityscape of Prague viewed through the rhomboidal electricitycatchers on the tops of moving trams.

Failed States

Format: HD
Duration: 10 min
Year: 2008

Boys love to spin until they collapse. Is the world then spinning out of control?


Format: 16mm
Duration: 15 min
Year: 1985

An historical document of the early days of language poetry and the downtown improvised music scene, with John Zorn, Charles Bernstein, Arto Lindsay, etc.


Oona Mosna