Gradual Speed

Artist: Els Van Riel
Country: Belgium
Format: 16mm
Duration: 52 min
Year: 2013

“Carefully positioned, the camera begins on a single frame, the shutter held open, and then is imperceptibly increased in speed, quickening the frame rate and thus changing the exposure time for each successive frame, which slowly produces a visible moving image whose speed eventually falls into step with real time. For a film whose title describes the relatively simple mechanism used to create it, Gradual Speed ushers a series of startling transfigurations which brilliantly engage with the extended time spent with people, animals, events and objects in whose company the filmmaker sketches larger concerns of love, fixity, representation and loss.” — Julie Murray

Els Van Riel (Gierle, Belgium 1965). Studies at National Radio and Film Technical Institute, Brussels. More than twenty films and media installations since 2000; screenings at Courtisane (Ghent), Los Angeles Film Forum, Ann Arbor Film Festival, etc. Lives in Brussels, Belgium. First appearance at Media City.



Semi-detached in and out of Their Serial Story

Artist: Bruce McClure
Country: USA
Format: 2 x 16mm
Duration: 17 min
Year: 2013

Two modified projectors, one with a 50mm lens and the other with a 75mm lens. A loop of 3 emulsion to 4 base is on the projector with the 50mm lens and a loop of 3 base to 4 emulsion is on the projector with the 75mm lens.

Bruce McClure (Washington DC 1959). Studies architecture at Virginia Tech. More than 30 projector performances since 1995 presented at International Film Festival Rotterdam, Wexner Center for the Arts (Columbus), two editions of the Whitney Biennial (New York), etc; Guggenheim Fellowship (2011). Lives in Brooklyn, New York. 13th consecutive appearance at Media City, festival Grand Prize (2005).