A Set of Miniatures

Artist: Jonathan Schwartz
Country: USA
Format: 16mm
Duration: 9 min
Year: 2014

A suite of three short films:

A Kind of Quiet is a place between ascending and descending. You make it hard to land and when this happens something else might disappear.

An Aging Process is located in the peonies and in the river and in the light that falls across the playful bodies of youth. For now.

A Certain Worry is enveloped in the covering on the ground, illuminated around a face, light on something ferocious, a touch upon something gentle.

Jonathan Schwartz (New York NY, 1973). Studies at Massachussets College of Art. 25+ films since 2000; screenings at International Film Festival Rotterdam, EXiS (Seoul) etc; recent solo screenings at Austrian Film Museum (Vienna), San Francisco Cinematheque, etc. Fourth appearance at Media City. Lives in Brattleboro, Vermont.



New York Near Sleep for Saskia

Artist: Peter Hutton
Country: USA
Format: 16mm
Duration: 10 min
Year: 1972

“[S]ubtle changes of light and landscape… New York Near Sleep exploits the basic potential of film for capturing light refractions. Hutton imposes on this film the aesthetics of still photography and uses as a structural device the duration of perception of the subtle reflection of movements and illuminations.” – Bill Moritz, Theatre Vanguard

Peter Hutton (Detroit MI, 1944). Studies at San Francisco Art Institute. 20+ films since 1970; screenings at all major venues for artist’s film world- wide including full retrospective at MoMA NY (2008) and four editions of Whitney Biennial. Guggenheim Fellow (1989). Third appearance at Media City including 2007 retro-spective. Lives in Hudson, NY.



Helga Fanderl: Communing

Artist: Helga Fanderl
Country: Germany
Format: S8 > 16mm
Duration: 30 min total

A selection of Helga Fanderl’s recent S8 to 16mm enlargements, curated by the artist.

Reel One (colour films) inlcudes Engadin, Chelsea Moments, Tortellini Tortelloni, Yawning Leopard, Versailles and Colonial Garden.

Reel Two (b/w films) includes The Colour Run, Mona Lisa (2013 version), Fountain with a Lion’s Head, Gasometer II, Sledging and In the Snow.

Helga Fanderl (Ingolstadt, Germany 1947). Studies at the Städelschule (Frankfurt) and Cooper Union (New York). Dozens of Super 8mm films since 1980s; screenings at Deutsches Filmmuseum (Frankfurt), Austrian Filmmuseum (Vienna), (London), etc; in permanent collections of Museum für Moderne Kunst (Frankfurt), Auditorium du Louvre (Paris), etc. Sixth appearance at Media City. Lives in Paris, France.



Two untitled films

Artist: Claudio Caldini
Country: Argentina
Format: S8mm
Duration: 3 min/5 min
Year: 2007/2015

3 min, 2007

A dog and two birds compete to dominate the water. The camera is as stubborn as they are.

5 min, 2015

Ruins of a ceramic factory, abandoned greenhouses and a failed resort on the coast of the South Atlantic. Prophecies of entropy.

Claudio Caldini (Buenos Aires, Argentina 1952). Studies at the Centro Experimental del Instituto Nacional de Cinematografía (Buenos Aires). Dozens of Super 8mm films since 1970; screenings at Scratch Projection (Paris), International Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, etc. Film curator at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires 1998-2004. First appearance at Media City. Lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Sakura, Sakura

Artist: Ute Aurand
Country: Germany
Format: 16mm
Duration: 3 min
Year: 2014

Two Japanese women, whom I met in Nara and Roppongi while filming Young Pines in 2011.

Ute Aurand (Frankfurt a.M., [West] Germany 1957). Studies at Deutschen Film- und Fernsehakademie, Berlin. 40 films since 1980; screenings at Anthology Film Archives (New York), Museum of Modern Art Yokohama, “Forum Expanded” program at Berlinale, etc. Sixth appearance at Media City. Lives in Berlin, Germany.




Artist: Rose Lowder
Country: France
Format: 16mm
Duration: 3 min
Year: 2014

With this film I wanted to pay homage to Yann Beauvais, who co-founded Lightcone in Paris in 1982. He has (on top of his own work as an artist, and against all odds, lack of funds or recognition) made an important contribution to promote films by other artists. In Montfroc, a hamlet of eighty inhabitants in the department of Drôme, I have always admired, every October during the fair, a magnificent field of flowers. In hurrying and neglecting an infection on my right thumb, I had to film these flowers more-or-less with one hand and then spend two days in hospital. I can only think that the making of this little film reflects all the difficulties faced by Yann himself.

Rose Lowder (Lima, Peru 1941). Studies at School of Fine Arts (Lima) and Chelsea School of Art (London). 50+ films since 1978; recent solo screenings at Tate Modern (London), Redcat (Los Angeles), Cinema Project (Portland), etc. Co-founder of the Archives du film expérimental d’Avignon (AFEA, 1981). Sixth appearance at Media City. Lives in Avignon, France.



Light Licks: Pardes: Drowned Hat Rescue Media City Motown Jump

Artist: Saul Levine
Country: USA
Format: S8 > 16mm
Duration: 4 min
Year: 2014

Shot in Windsor in 2013, when the filmmaker attended Media City for a retrospective screening and served on the competition jury. Dedicated to his fellow jurors, Christy LeMaster and Marcos Ortega Miranda.

Saul Levine (New Haven CT, 1943). 85+ films since 1964; screenings at numerous venues worldwide including recent retrospectives at MoMA (New York), The Nightingale (Chicago), etc. Third appearance at Media City including retrospective screening (2013). Former editor of “New Left Notes”; programmer of MassArt Film society for 40+ years. Lives in Boston, MA and “hardly ever leaves town”. (SL)

Oona Mosna