Alexandra Cuesta (Ecuador / USA) is a filmmaker and visual artist. Studies at the California Institute of the Arts. 5+ films since 2007; screenings and exhibitions at Image Forum (Tokyo), Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (New York), The Viennale, Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles), Cinéma Du Réel (Paris), Palacio de Bellas Artes (Mexico), Courtisane Film Festival (Belgium), and NYFF. Award Winner at Media City (2013). Recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and MacDowell Colony residency (2018).

Nazli Dinçel (Turkey / USA) is a first generation immigrant born in Ankara, Turkey. Studies at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 12+ films since 2009; screenings and exhibitions at MoMI (NY), IFF Rotterdam, BAFICI (Buenos Aires), Hong Kong International Film Festival, etc. Recipient of The Helen Hill Award from the Orphan Film Symposium and AAFF’s Eileen Maitland Award (2018). Lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Martin Grennberger (Sweden) is a film critic, writer and programmer based in Stockholm. Studies at Stockholm and Södertörn universities. Screenings and exhibitions at Light Industry (New York), Fylkingen, Index–The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, and Filmform, Sweden’s oldest organization devoted to the promotion, preservation and distribution of film and video art. Editor of Walden magazine, and co-editor (with Daniel A. Swarthnas) of a forthcoming monograph on filmmaker Claes Söderquist (2018). His writings have appeared in Lumière, OEI, and Kunstkritikk.