The first in a series of films commissioned in South America as part of Media City’s UNDERGROUND MINES tour premiered on the festival circuit in 2018. Malena Szlam’s 35mm masterpiece ALTIPLANO opened to audiences at the 43rd edition of the Toronto International Film Festival before being awarded Media City’s coveted Second Prize as part of the festival’s 23rd edition (Nov.7-10, 2018).

ALTIPLANO has since been highly praised by critics and professionals internationally, was chosen by TIFF as one of CANADA’S TOP 10 FILMS OF 2018 and “Best Experimental Film” by Desist Film in Lima, Peru.

There will be a number of chances to catch ALTIPLANO at festivals the world over in 2019.  The film will compete for the coveted Ammodo Tiger Short Film Award at the upcoming edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, a prize previously awarded to Media City artists Mati Diop, Jeroen Eisinga, Ben Rivers, Thomas Köner, and Daïchi Saïto (another UNDERGROUND MINES commission artist).

You can see a short excerpt from ALTIPLANO here.