Saturday, November 11 at 7:45pm
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Pay What You Like

Films by: Jean- Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet / Michael Snow / Mike Stoltz / Morgan Quaintance / Ben Russell

Every Revolution Is a Throw of the Dice (1977)

Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet

Every Revolution Is a Throw of the Dice, Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet, France,16mm > digital, 11 min, 1977

Straub and Huillet invited friends to recite Stéphane Mallarmé’s 1897 poem “A Throw of the Dice Will Never Abolish Chance,” with its radically modern use of free verse, in a park alongside the wall in Père Lachaise cemetery where the last 147 men and women of the Paris Commune were lined up and shot dead in 1871.

It is not hard to understand why these ambitious filmmakers were drawn to Mallarmé’s late 19th-century poem, which casts readers adrift in a sea of elusive meanings, a playfully and hermetically cubist constellation of words that can assume myriad visual, aural, and symbolic forms.—MoMA

There’s always a pool of blood somewhere that we’re walking in without knowing it. There are always cadavers under a hill.—Jean-Marie Straub

Image credits: unless otherwise noted all artworks, portraits and stills courtesy of Grasshopper Film © estate of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet.

About Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet

Jean-Marie Straub (1933–2022) and Danièle Huillet (1936–2006). 40+ films in collaboration from 1963–2006; complete retrospectives at venues including The Museum of Modern Art, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Austrian Film Museum, Berlin Academy of Arts, and Centre Pompidou, among numerous screenings around the world across decades. Lifetime Achievement Awards from Locarno Film Festival (2017) and Venice International Film Festival (2006).

Standard Time (1967)

Michael Snow

Standard Time, Michael Snow, Canada, 16mm, 8 min, 1967

The camera swivels (pans) left to right, over and over again, then tilts, up and down, over and over again, establishing movement as such as the given condition of perception and existence … The bombarding impulses, through the “repeated” pans/tilts, permit (for each viewer, each time) different moments of reality to become relevant, exciting, etc. The speed at which the camera sees the given visually creates frustration at not being able to hold (the) experience, to pattern it in a conventional manner. … Snow’s film activates one’s internal mechanisms for grasping (idiosyncratically, in time) the substances one is faced with, it negates objective experience once and for all.—Peter Gidal

Image credits: unless otherwise noted all artworks, portraits and stills courtesy of Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre © estate of Michael Snow.

About Michael Snow

Michael Snow (1928–2023). Worked in film, photography, sculpture, installation, holography, music; 25+ films from 1956–2019. Grand Prize for Wavelength (1967) at EXPRMNTL 4; major retrospectives at venues including Centre Pompidou and The Museum of Modern Art. Guggenheim Fellowship (1972), Chevalier de l’ordre des arts et des lettres (1995), Governor General’s Award (2000), Companion of the Order of Canada (2007). Performance, screening, and re-issue of CCMC Vol. III LP at MCFF (2013). Greatly missed.

Holographic Will (2023)

Mike Stoltz

Holographic Will, Mike Stoltz, USA, 16mm, 5 min, 2023

A domestic swirl filmed while the building was being sold. How much longer can we afford to stay? A kaleidoscopic portrait of destabilization during the struggle to stay in a rent-controlled apartment amidst an affordable housing crisis.

Shot frame by frame, moving the camera between every image. Single frames move forward in time, creating afterimage combinations without superimpositions. A phased drum machine soundtrack emphasizes the percussive quality of the image.

With gratitude to neighbours and the Los Angeles Tenants Union Northeast Local.

Image credits: unless otherwise noted all artworks, portraits and stills courtesy of the artist © Mike Stoltz.

About Mike Stoltz

Mike Stoltz (1981). 10+ films since 2010; screenings at venues including Toronto International Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, and Courtisane Festival. Programmer of screenings at venues including Magic Lantern Cinema and Echo Park Film Center. 10+ cassettes, 7″s and split LPs since 2003 on labels including Rare Youth and Independent Woman Records. Lives in Los Angeles, California and upstate New York.

Repetitions (2022)

Morgan Quaintance

Repetitions, Morgan Quaintance, England, digital, 24 min, 2022

An exploration of recursive patterns, a series of repeated sequences, flickering images, and looping sounds. On the surface, Repetitions concentrates on inducing retinal excitement and states of anticipation, but telephone messages and speech provide a through line that speaks to physical labour, industrial work, and fragile bodies.

Image credits: unless otherwise noted all artworks, portraits and stills courtesy of the artist © Morgan Quaintance.

About Morgan Quaintance

Morgan Quaintance (1979). 10+ films since 2018; screenings at venues including Curtas Vila do Conde, European Media Art Festival, Media City Film Festival, and Open City Documentary Film Festival. Frequent contributor of writing on contemporary art for publications including Art Monthly, The Wire, The Guardian, and frieze; host and producer (2012–2023) of Studio Visit on Resonance 104.4 FM. Lives in London, England.

Against Time (2022)

Ben Russell

Against Time, Ben Russell, USA/France, 16mm > digital, 23 min, 2022

Ben Russell presents two conceptions of time: a space of rapid succession and a space of simultaneity. Against Time celebrates the moment as an entity in which an infinite number of realities come together synchronistically.—Claire Lasolle

Image credits: unless otherwise noted all artworks, portraits and stills courtesy of the artist © Ben Russell.

About Ben Russell

Ben Russell (1976). 30+ films since 2000; screenings and exhibitions at venues including Centre Pompidou, Tate Modern, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Sundance Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, documenta 14, New York Film Festival, a 14th-century Belgian monastery, a police station basement, and a 17th-century East India Company building. Guggenheim Fellowship (2008); MCFF Grand Prize (2009). Currently lives in Marseille, France.

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