Media City Film Festival award winner, Ben Russell’s newest film Good Luck makes its UK premiere at Tate Modern this February. Watch River Rites, which won the festival’s Grand Prize in 2012 here:

“From the outset, it felt too easy to critique a process that all of us are directly implicated in, to have a public opinion about the horrors and environmental destruction that are part and parcel of the mining process – be it legal or illegal. It ultimately wasn’t the process that interested me as much as the side effects of the process: the community that arises out of harsh conditions, the collective that manifests out of necessity. I spent months in these mines simply because I wanted to better understand how men persevere.” —Ben Russell

Filmed between a large-scale underground mine in post-war Serbia and an illegal mining collective in the tropical heat of Suriname, Good Luck is a visceral non-fiction portrait of hope and sacrifice in a time of global economic turmoil.

Details about Russell’s Tate screening are available here: